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Announcing Video Release: “Your Member’s Secret Car Buying Journey”

PLANTATION, FLORIDA, May 15, 2020 – GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. announced the release of a new video, “Your Member’s Secret Car Buying Journey”. Utilizing the latest animation and parallax 3D features, the video provides insights into a member’s car buying journey. This will allow credit unions to pro-actively guide their marketing to increase loan productivity.

“CUs are missing out on loan opportunities during the early stages of the car buying journey” says Joseph Winn, President of GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. and “Credit Union Geek” industry blogger/speaker. “Armed with this information, credit unions can increase auto loan volume through better marketing and member engagement.”

“Your Member’s Secret Car Buying Journey” video includes:

  • Key information & statistics on when and where members start their car research
  • Respect for your time. All insights delivered in under 4 minutes.
  • Complimentary addition to Learning Library resources

Your Member’s Secret Car Buying Journey video will be available on the GreenProfit Learning Library starting 5/26/20.

About GreenProfit Solutions

GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. is the content marketing leader in the financial institution industry and serves many of the nation’s largest CU’s with income and growth solutions.

Their Learning Library is the most comprehensive, honest, unbiased DIY source of FI product, operations, and efficiency knowledge. Under the tagline, “Due Diligence. Made Easy,” it helps educate thousands of industry professionals. Resources including eBooks, White Papers, Videos, and Cheat Sheets address a range of learning styles and content preferences. Financial institution staff take advantage of discussed products, services, and recommendations to improve their member experience and bottom line.

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