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GreenProfit Learning Library Goes to Light Speed

Leading industry insights in the blink of an eye

PLANTATION, FLORIDA, February 3 – GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. announced today that their Learning Library is even faster to deliver guidance. Along with other banking resources, traffic has grown due to COVID-19 amplified digital transformation. To ensure seamless research, the Learning Library is now “supercharged”, removing lag while respecting the time pressures on today’s banking executives.

Utilizing the latest caching technology, combined with optimized and speedy hosting services, visitors to the site should now experience near-instant page rendering, with seamless page and video loading.

In the past year, page loading time has been reduced by more than 150%. Interested in the stats?

  • First paint (when a visitor first sees content in their browser): 0.7 seconds
  • Time to interactive (when the site is browsable, even if not fully loaded): 1.2 seconds
  • Fully loaded time (all content loaded, even things a visitor can’t see): 2.2 seconds

Times may vary depending upon visitor’s hardware, connection speed, network conditions, and location. Tests were conducted from a Chrome browser instance on a server based in Canada. Full performance report (PDF).

“No banking executive has time to waste. Time is the one thing none of us can recapture.” says Joseph Winn, President of GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. and “Credit Union Geek” industry blogger/speaker. “Bankers today need instant access to trusted resources. By optimizing these seconds, we can help them better accomplish the missions of their institutions and further empower account holders.”

About GreenProfit Solutions

GreenProfit Solutions, Inc. is the content marketing leader in the financial institution industry and serves many of the nation’s largest CU’s with income and growth solutions.

Their Learning Library is the most comprehensive, honest, unbiased DIY source of FI product, operations, and efficiency knowledge. Under the tagline, “Due Diligence. Made Easy,” it helps educate thousands of industry professionals. Resources including eBooks, White Papers, Videos, and Cheat Sheets address a range of learning styles and content preferences. Financial institution staff take advantage of discussed products, services, and recommendations to improve their member experience and bottom line.

Media Relations Contact:

Keith Winn, COO, Corporate Communications
[email protected]