Moving From Money-Driven to Mission-Focused – A Toolkit

GreenProfit Solutions supports shift to credit union member value-adds

PLANTATION, FLORIDA, April 25th – The national trend toward banking fee reduction or elimination demonstrates that the old banking model, featuring punitive fees, is dead. 

That’s why GreenProfit Solutions, Inc., the leader in mission-focused products for credit unions tailored for the triple bottom line, announced its Mission-Focused Toolkit to assist in credit unions’ financial inclusion efforts, while maintaining business growth to serve even more of the historically underserved. 

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“The Mission-Focused Toolkit helps credit unions reimagine their traditional products to generate more value for all members without placing undue burdens on any group,” GreenProfit Solutions President/CEO Joe Winn, also known as the “Credit Union Geek”, said. “The recent announcements of overdraft fee eliminations and reductions, amplified by increased regulatory scrutiny, leads credit union executives to believe a tough decision must be made: Sacrifice income or do what’s right for the members, especially for their most financially vulnerable. That’s not the case.”

Winn continued, “In reality, the decision is easy: Grow income and do right by all your members. We assembled this Mission-Focused Toolkit of programs to enhance credit union’s competitiveness, while fulfilling their mission.”

The GreenProfit Solutions Mission-Focused Toolkit includes:

  • Value-Added Checking, a subscription providing new member value that adds to or replaces fee-based revenue
  • Lenders Single Interest risk protection, a lower-cost, less-hassle option for credit unions and their borrowers with a profit-share opportunity for the credit union
  • Vehicle Service Contract protection to protect members from repair fees while earning the credit union a profit share
  • Online Car Buying Service that saves members time and offers exclusive discounts, while keeping them close to your credit union throughout the car buyer’s journey 
  • “You’re Special to Us” video series, free to client credit unions to rebrand and use in their member educational materials
  • WithClutch features a simple 3-click, loan refi tool that saves members money while credit unions book more loans

As not-for-profit, member-centric cooperatives, credit unions must focus on balancing the mission with business earnings to keep the lights on, plus a bit more for investment in continued prosperity for all members. GreenProfit Solutions’ Toolkit, in partnership with credit unions, accomplishes both.

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